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Nikki's side of the story

In June of 2000, after graduating from college, I decided to get out and meet some news friends. I had been active in an AOL local chatroom and heard of a volunteer opportunity.  I headed out the following week to go meet the DJ who would spend the summer on a roof raising money. The volunteer opportunity was to help do the footwork on the ground for this cause. I met many people who I then considered friends. One July night around 1 am after his second job a guy showed up to bring a book of CD’s to the DJ. Anyone who knows Josh knows this guy was Josh.  At first I paid no attention except to his crazy ass CD collection. However, over the next few weeks Josh came around more and more and I started to take notice. In early August Paige, (the DJ) started working on hooking us up on a date. I agreed to go out with Josh and we had our first date at Piccolo’s in Bellmore. After Dinner we drove to Wantagh Park.We continued to date for 2 years on and off. In early 2002 we decided to go our separate ways after starting to plan our first wedding. Wrong time and place for me ……

Josh's side of the story  

In the Summer of 2000, I decided to find some activites to enjoy that would also help the community.  I heard some online friends were volunteering with a DJ who was going to spend 105 days on a roof to raise money for a little girl with Cancer.  I went to volunteer and had a great time with good friends.  While I was volunteering, I saw a beautiful girl, and through some asking around, I found out that her name was Nikki, and she had just graduated college.  Through some work by the DJ and other volunteers, we had our first date, and it was love at first sight.  We dated on and off for about 2 years, it just wasn't the right time for either of us.  We have had a chance to grow, and now is the time.